Cliff Shows You How To Be A Highly Paid Real Estate Investor Through Wholesaling, Flipping, And Rentals

Meet Cliff Gager

Real Estate Investment Expert, Executive Master Mind Coach, Mentor & Speaker

I make "WHOLESALING PROPERTIES FOR QUICK CASH" easy and affordable to learn how to find real estate "deals" and turn them into quick profits that make your financial life better."

Who is Cliff?

Cliff started his real estate investing career as a mortgage broker in late 1991. His specialty was helping people that could not get traditional financing, get mortgage loans to buy houses. He also helped investors get loans to buy investment property. Around 1993, Cliff got involved in flipping houses, He would find great deals on houses, fix them up, and sell them for profit! He founded a successful real estate sales company and real estate mortgage brokerage business.

During the end of the 90's, Cliff became a mentor to the gurus, and educated people about the ropes of investment properties and was known as the Gurus - Guru! 

Now Cliff brings his 30 years of real estate investing experience directly to the people who need it the most. He helps them improve their financial situation, and discover a whole new way of leading an independent, entrepreneurial lifestyle!

30 years experience investing in real estate all across the United States.
Participated in numerous profitable real estate transactions over the last 30 years with partners, students, and personally.
By applying his real estate strategies, he has helped thousands of individuals create their first profitable real estate transactions

My former students Love my methods
Because they are So
 Simple to Use...

Liz, Bakersfield, CA

Leo, Fresno, CA

Bev, Canyon Lake, CA

One thing for sure is that Cliff really connects with his students. His passion is to help as many people find financial independence through real estate investing. His training offers everyday people obtain the skills to become a knowledgeable investors by giving them an easy to understand and easy to execute blueprint for success.

Cliff has been a mentor to many of the big real estate seminar Gurus. In fact for over 20 years, he has seen them come and go, but Cliff is still here helping his students meet their goals. 

Cliff is an expert, that is what happens when you do what you love for 30 years... He usually has decades more experience than the other real estate education speakers  he may share stages with. But he is humble in that he wants his students to shine brighter than he does!

Starting back in the late 90's, Cliff started taking groups of student investors out on a "Bus Tour"! During his 3 day real estate investing mentor training, not only would he show them how to find really good deals on houses, he would actually take them out to show them these properties and make offers on them. He would also take them to Home Depot to learn what products to use when rehabbing houses. And in the old days(before the internet)... he would take them to the local courthouse and show them how to look up distressed properties that could be bought at huge discounts and turned into profits! 

Speaking, Training, Coaching, and Mentoring to groups large and small. Cliff is always well liked, because he delivers great, usable content, and leaves the room happy, excited, and ready to start their new beginnings!

Reserving Speaking Opportunities Now

The right audience

Anything real estate related usually involves Cliff's ideal client. Real estate, institutional lending, private lending, property evaluations and acquisitions, negotiation strategies, investing, renting, flipping! 

Oh yea, he is a pretty good motivator too!

Turn clients into huge profits

Cliff has an excellent history with his students satisfaction. Since is training products produce results, he has an excellent reputation in a industry that tends to have its issues. Being a complaint free real estate investor educator for 20 years is something he takes great pride in!

Narrow down your niche to target sales

Cliff's training is perfect for the novice investor as well as someone that is well seasoned. He specializes in teaching how to Wholesale properties without needing a lot of money, finding those deals and flipping them quickly to other investors has proven to be hugely profitable for his students over the years!

Want Cliff To Rock Your Next Event?

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